Calm Cool Collected | 1500MG Tincture

by Element Apothec

  • Product Category : Tincture
  • Size: 30ml
  • Cannabinoid Profile: CBD, CBG
  • 500mg CBD + 150mg CBG

Clear stressful thoughts and collect your mind with the Calm Cool Collected Tincture by Element Apothec. This CBD tincture is formulated with 1500 powerful mg of broad-spectrum CBD + 150mg of CBG to support your endocannabinoid system. Calm Cool Collected uplifts and supports your mood, refocuses your thoughts, and relaxes the body without putting you to sleep. Our CBD tincture is suitable for everyday use. Consider it your go-to wellness tool. Our CBD tincture is for people who need a little extra support. Who need a boost in focus. Who need to take the edge off, but don't want to experience a high. Element Apothec's CBD products are always THC-free and non-habit forming.