Lobelia Rose

Lobelia Rose is a retail brand focused on bringing pretty, practical and affordable smoking accessories to modern cannabis consumers for personal use, sharing and gifting. We design products to be stylish and discreet. Our brand can enhance the experience hosts share with their clients and all of our products are available for purchase in our online store.

We are also introducing our brand to the cannabis wedding industry with our range of budget friendly options for bachelorette parties, wedding parties and wedding guest favors.

We envision Lobelia Rose growing into a brand that offers a wide range of products for adults of all ages that reaches beyond the cannabis industry. Our goal is to build a loyal customer base that can trust us to give them desirable and quality products at a great price.

Love, Your Highness

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  • Elizabeth


    June 24 2021

    I was gifted a beautiful pink stash bag with air tight containers for my dried flower, and... all of the little things I always want around but can never find - a roach clip, little travel container for my pre-rolled joints, high quality papers, mobile finger bowl so my fingers won't smell and even tic tacs. This company has thought of it all. Their line is gorgeous and I highly recommend their products and gift packs! Why can't my cannabis stash be pretty and organized? Thank you Lobelia Rose for creating this line. I hate to think that all cannabis accessories have to be dull and dirty.