What is the purpose of HiBnb?

HiBnb is dedicated to the normalization and de-stigmatization of cannabis culture. We believe that Canadians should be able to enjoy cannabis integrated into their lifestyle without judgement or shame, just the same as an alcohol lover is able to have a beer or a glass of wine at lunch, at dinner, or within social environments to enjoy with others.

How is this legal?

According to the Canadian Cannabis Act, it is legal for an individual to share up to 30 grams of dried cannabis or it’s equivalent so long as the cannabis is obtained through legal channels and the recipient is of legal age to consume. HiBnb does not sell or distribute cannabis.

How much is 30 grams?

Most people roll joints using roughly half a gram of cannabis so 30 grams is equivalent to about 60 pre-rolled joints.

Are countries outside of Canada able to use HiBnb?

That’s on our list. But first we’re going to celebrate the cannabis culture and community that Canada deserves. International travelers are welcome to come and join us.

Do I have to disclose my real name to use the site?

Due to the illegality of cannabis in many countries and the serious penalties associated with its possession and use, we allow our users to use a nickname or alias on the HiBnb platform. Feel free to have fun with it, we’re up for a laugh. However, you must disclose your true identity and verify your age to your Host by showing government issued identification upon your arrival and when you use the payment gateway.

How are HiBnb Adventures and Accommodations priced?

Pricing is set by each Host, however HiBnb offers support for pricing which includes considering the cost of the expertise of the Host, and any provisions and/or accessories the Host is including. Any cannabis provided by the Host is offered as a gift and does not form part of the overall price.

Does HiBnb provide adaptive options for people with disabilities?

Every Accommodation and Adventure listed on HiBnb is different. Please check each listing to see what provisions are available for visitors with disabilities and if you don’t see any, just reach out to the Host and ask!


For Guests

What are my responsibilities as a Guest?

You must be of legal age to consume cannabis and ensure that the cannabis shared by your Host does not end up in the possession of minors. You must agree to the HiBnb Terms of Use and be respectful of your Host’s belongings, rules, efforts, and generosity. You must complete the ratings and reviews after engaging in a HiBnb Adventure or Accommodation. Just as importantly, remember to have fun, Play Hi and Stay Hi.

Do I need to tip my Host?

No, it is not necessary to tip your Host. If you want to acknowledge their stellar hospitality, make sure to write a rave review.

Can I bring my pet?

Each Host creates their own rules. Please check individual listings for more information. If something is unclear, just shoot your Host a message and ask!

Can I travel with kids?

No. HiBnb is for adults only.

Am I allowed to bring my own cannabis?

Absolutely – within legal limits. HiBnb has an open and accepting attitude to cannabis culture. Whether you are Staying Hi or Playing Hi, you will always be offered a dedicated place to consume or smoke, or both.

Can I order cannabis if I want to?

Heck yeah. When you arrive at your HiBnb rental, your Host will provide information on nearby retail cannabis outlets. You are also welcome to order cannabis via a provincial cannabis online store and have your order shipped directly to your Host’s address.

Do you have listings geared towards an LGBTQ audience?

The HiBnb community welcomes and respects all people – no matter their sexual orientation, belief, race, creed, and/or background. We promote inclusivity and expect others to adopt the same mentality though it is up to the Host to specify if their listing is geared specifically towards one market.

I have questions, how do I contact the Host?

Anyone who is signed up to our platform is welcome to contact a Host via the contact button on each listing page. For your own security, all communication should take place via the HiBnb platform. Stay safe. Stay Hi.


For Hosts

Do I have to provide cannabis to be a HiBnb Host?

Nope! Our only requirement for Hosts is to provide an Accommodation or Adventure where your Guest is welcome to bring their own cannabis. Whether or not you choose to share cannabis with your Guests is entirely up to you. But you know what they say, sharing is caring.

How much cannabis do you recommend I share?

Up to you! Sharing cannabis with your Guest(s) is not a requirement of being a Hi Host but you are more than welcome to share as much or as little as you want as long as it is within the legal (30 gram) limit.

Do I need to allow smoking inside my unit to be a HiBnb Host?

No siree Barb. HiBnb Hosts are not required to allow smoking inside their home. There are many ways to enjoy cannabis.

What are my legal responsibilities as a Host?

You must be old enough to legally possess cannabis where you reside and the cannabis you share with your Guests must be obtained legally. You must ensure that your Guests are old enough to legally possess cannabis in the jurisdiction where your Accommodation is located. The amount of cannabis that you may share with Guests must not exceed legal limits (i.e. 30 grams of dried cannabis or its equivalent). Sharing of cannabis is restricted to individual Hosts (businesses/organizations are not able to engage in social sharing of cannabis).

What does the Host must “be an individual” mean?

Adult Individuals are permitted to share limited amounts of cannabis with other adults, but businesses/organizations may not do so. This means that if you occasionally rent your personal dwelling for short periods of time, you can engage in social sharing of cannabis, but if you offer Accommodations as a business, you should not share cannabis with Guests. If you decide to share cannabis, you can do so in your own home and with cannabis that you own. You can also share cannabis outside of your home as long as it originates from your personal property.

How does HiBnb ensure my Guest is of legal age to consume cannabis?

HiBnb is an age-gated site and we request government issued identification from Guests to verify their age and identity. The responsibility to ensure Guests’ legal age is on the Host, that’s you. You can verify that a Guest has provided this data electronically but it is best to check the identification physically upon their arrival. Watch out for fake IDs, dogs disguised as humans, and/or 3 or more kids stacked ontop of each other under a trench coat.

How do I know the person renting my place won’t trash it?

HiBnb is proud to offer an insurance-backed guarantee for all property damage up to the equivalent of $1 Million Euros which is bundled with a guest screening and verification process. Hosts are also guaranteed up to $1 Million Euros for liability in case of accidents. If you wish, you are also welcome to ask your Guests to sign a waiver and we offer a template for you to use for this purpose which can be accessed on the Host dashboard. Nobody likes a buzzkill, but better to be safe than sorry.

Do you provide insurance?

HiBnb is committed to ensuring our Hosts are protected during bookings so we’ve teamed up with SUPERHOG, to guarantee all accommodation bookings are backed with $1 Million Euros for property damage and an additional $1 Million Euros for public liability. Once you’ve added an accommodation listing, you will be contacted by SUPERHOG directly to verify yourself and validate your property. To report any incidents, send an email to claims@superhog.com and quote the property address and date of booking, or register the issue via www.superhog.com/report-an-incident/.

Can I customize my own cancellation policy?

HiBnb allows our Hosts set their own rules. While we think our cancellation policy rocks, if you prefer, you can create your own and control how much your Guest is refunded in the event of cancellation.

Can I deduct a security deposit before a booking?

Say goodbye to deposits. SUPERHOG, our risk management partner, backs ALL accommodation Guests with a security deposit so you don’t have to ask for one.

What are your Check In / Check Out rules?

All HiBnb listings Check-In at 4pm and Check-Out at 11am though guests are welcome to contact their Host directly to request modification.

Is your calendar integrated with other short term rental platforms?

Yes. Our calendar is integrated with Airbnb and VRBO / HomeAway.

How do you payout to Hosts?

Once you add a listing our bank will contact you via email to request banking details so that we can payout via Electronic Funds Transfer. If you require an alternate payout method let us know by emailing team@hibnb.ca. We payout one business day after the Guest checks out.

How do I find a smoking-friendly location for my Adventure?

We’re here to help! Send us a note at team@hibnb.ca if you are looking for a place to Host your adventure. We’re always on the lookout for spaces where cannabis culture is accepted and respected. Reciprocally, let us know If you have a location available for Hosts to rent or share. We need to support each other!

Do I have to Host a home in order to Host an Adventure?

Nope! You can become an Adventure Host without listing a property on HiBnb.


Payments and Refunds

What kind of payment options do you offer?

HiBnb accepts all of the major credit cards. Remember, you aren’t dealing with your neighbourhood pot head here – we are sophisticated pot heads.

What is the payment schedule for Accommodations?

Guests are charged 100% of the total fee at the time of booking an Accommodation.

What is the payment schedule for Adventures?

Guests are charged 100% of the total fee at the time of booking an Adventure.

What is your cancellation policy?

Guests have a right to a full refund if cancelling within 24 hours of initial booking. If a Guest cancels before 14 days of their arrival or event date, they will receive a 50% refund minus any service fees. After this time, the full cost of the booking applies. If the Host cancels, the Guest receives a full refund.

Some Hosts prefer to create their own cancellation policy and in this case, the Host’s cancellation policy will take precedence over HiBnb’s policy. You can read about the Host’s cancellation policy on the listing page of the accommodation, at the time of booking, and under View Details in your Guest Dashboard.

The Adventure or Accommodation I booked was cancelled, how do I get a refund?

If your booking is cancelled by the Host, the refund will be credited to your payment card automatically and within 10 business days. Told you we were sophisticated.

How do I modify my booking?

If it is necessary to modify your booking after it’s been paid for, you may need to cancel and re-book it. We know that can be a pain in the rear-end so before you do that, send your Host a note to see if they can accommodate the alteration without too much effort.


Safety and Security

What kind of checks do you perform on Hosts and Guests?

HiBnb verifies the age and authenticity of all Hosts by checking their government issued identification. Community members are able to see whether a Host has provided these identification protocols on their profile page, which will be listed under “Verified”. Every HiBnb Guest is screened and verified by our risk management partner.

Is it necessary to perform checks on Hosts?

Yes. It is of utmost importance for Guests to enjoy a risk free, safe experience.

Is it mandatory to take the Guest screening and verification process?

The SUPERHOG screening process is just three simple steps and it is mandatory for all HiBnb Accommodation Guests. This process allows HiBnb to provide insurance for our Accommodation Hosts.

What should I do if I feel unsafe during an Adventure or an Accommodation?

Your safety is paramount. If you feel unsafe, communicate this to your Host immediately or call 911.

How do I know the Host’s cannabis product is safe to use?

HiBnb cannot guarantee the purity or safety of any cannabis shared with you by a Host. If you choose to consume cannabis provided by the Host, you do so at your own risk.

How do you ensure that my personal data does not become public?

Privacy is important to us. We follow strict technology protocols to protect your digital security as best as possible. To learn more, check out our Privacy Policy.