Cannabis Friendly Meetup in Surrey

Surrey , BC , Canada

Terpene Tours – come learn about the science behind some of your favourite aromas!

This cannabis free event is the perfect introduction for curious consumers and those looking to up their terpene game. We will tour our terpene manufacturing facility, learn about simple applications, and choose some samples to experiment with and take home. You will see the clean room where all of our products are produced and also the instruments and equipment used to ensure quality and consistency of our products.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by your host and given time in our show room to start the 'show and smell' while learning about terpenes isolates, terpene profiles, and what to do with your terpene samples. We do not use cannabis, CBD, or THC in our manufacturing process and will not be covering cannabinoids in our tour or consumption.

Following this brief reception we will tour our manufacturing facility and Clean Room. Our facility is GMP accredited which means there are standards and requirements of our operation to ensure quality and safety. We will show you how we produce, store, and package our terpene products for sale before concluding with a selection of common applications for terpene use such as soaps, lotions, candles, and beverages. We will have one of our chemists participate also should you have any technical questions about your terpene learning. The complete adventure will last approximately 2 hours and not involve the consumption of cannabis.

About Your Host:



Sales - terpenes, 42

  • Master of Arts in Leadership

I am a passionate cannabis consumer and now also work in the industry with Flow Scientific the leading Canadian supplier of commercial terpenes. We have a strong technical team of chemists that formulate and ensure the quality of our products. I have the pleasure of sharing my enthusiasm for cannabis in combination with product innovation that is leading the evolution of a regulated industry across the country. I love this industry and see rich opportunities to share knowledge and understanding while building a company that is a leader in the field.

Host's Cannabis Preference

Host is not providing cannabis but you are welcome to bring your own.


The timing of this Adventure is available at the Guest's request.

Duration of activity 2 hrs


Exact address is provided after the booking is confirmed.

Additional Details:


Guests must be 21+.

This event will be cancelled if it does not meet a minimum number of participants.

This event has a maximum number of participants.

Cancellation Policy

Guest have the right to a full refund if cancelling within 24 hours of initial booking. Outside of 14 days from the event date, Guests receive a 50% refund. After this time, the full cost of the booking applies.


Don’t forget to bring your government issued, photo identification.

Your Host will provide:

Guest appearances by local and national personalities influential in the cannabis space to share their own stories and experiences.

Things to keep in mind

This is an introduction to terpenes event and cannabis consumption is not permitted onsite.