Cannabis Friendly in Port Moody

Port Moody , BC , Canada

Neighbourhood Poker Night

Spend a couple hours playing cards and making friends that will last a lifetime!

Meet at a cannabis retailer steps from Moody Centre Skytrain Station to purchase the products of your choice on your dime. Then, enjoy an energizing, 40 minute (3k) walk through downtown Port Moody to the poker game. Ask if you want to show up at 8pm and skip the shopping and the walk.

The main event is a casual, learner's, nickel poker night. No Limit Hold 'Em cash game, $0.05-$0.10. I invite you to bring at least two rolls of nickels (or $4+ in any denomination as a "buy in" for chips) with which to play, and optional snacks/drinks. Please note that the "buy in" & your cannabis costs are separate and additional to booking fee that is required for me to reserve the Community Room for us.

This game is NOT raked, so bring whatever maximum amount you want. I am not taking a cut. I'll have hand instructions printed out as a cheat sheet for beginners. Come over and let's be super friends! You in? ♠️❤️♣️👑 Return home via Burquitlam Station a 15 minute (1k) walk from the venue. I can walk you there if need be. I got'chu, homie.

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♠️❤️♣️👑, 41

Verified Host

  • Doctoral degree. But I'm not the kind of doctor who helps people. Think PhD. in Public Administration (World Domination)

I discovered poker in 2017 after beating cancer. Poker helped me become at peace with life's variance. Some of my best friends now are poker friends. There's something special about this game since it is the perfect blend of logic and emotion. You never really know someone until you've played poker with them, so bring a date! I'm passionate about teaching women how to play poker and I want to provide a safe and chill experience for women who want to try a poker home game. Beginners welcome!

Host's Cannabis Preference

Host is not providing cannabis but you are welcome to bring your own.


The timing of this Adventure is available at the Guest's request.

Duration of activity 3 hrs


Exact address is provided after the booking is confirmed.

Additional Details:


This event will be cancelled if it does not meet a minimum number of participants.

This event has a maximum number of participants.

Cancellation Policy

Guest have the right to a full refund if cancelling within 24 hours of initial booking. Outside of 14 days from the event date, Guests receive a 50% refund. After this time, the full cost of the booking applies.


Don’t forget to bring your government issued, photo identification.

What you need to bring:


Things to keep in mind

If you smoke or vape, that will need to be done outdoors.