Cannabis Friendly Cooking Classes in Charlemont

Charlemont , MA , United States

Infusion, not confusion!

This step-by-step class will teach you to make cannabis coconut oil at home in a crockpot. It is perfect for those who want to learn how to make vegan, dairy-free oil that is versatile enough to be used as a base for recipes and self-care products. I make infused coconut oil and bake all infused foods, and use the oil as a suave.

I will take you through the step-by-step process of making cannabis oil/butter in a crockpot. I take infused coconut oil and bake all infused foods, and use the oil as a suave. You will be able to, too after you complete this workshop!

I will show you how to process your cannabis, different ratios you can use for different strengths of infused oil. You will learn about terms like de-carboxilization and infusion.

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  • 3 years college of finding out what I dont want to do. Was worth it lol. in Airbnb Super host, previously ran a bed and breakfast. Now my expertise is making sure my guests are content and happy-go-lucky, smoking away on their decks!

I love cooking and baking - creating is one of my favorite pass times. I do decoupage art, also. Please check out my other Play Hi Adventures.

Host's Cannabis Preference

Host is not providing cannabis but you are welcome to bring your own.


The timing of this Adventure is available at the Guest's request.

Duration of activity 2 hrs


Exact address is provided after the booking is confirmed.

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Guests must be 21+.

Cancellation Policy

Guest have the right to a full refund if cancelling within 24 hours of initial booking. Outside of 14 days from the event date, Guests receive a 50% refund. After this time, the full cost of the booking applies.


Don’t forget to bring your government issued, photo identification.

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No - since proper infusion can take hours - this workshop will walk you through how to do it at home yourself.